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The cutting effectiveness of thermal insulated cotton by JWEI CNC oscillating knife cutter is beautiful and efficient,let’s take a look

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As we all know ,thermal Insulated cotton is a new thermal insulation material without poison,damage,pollution,which is insulated and cold-proof material,which is a ideal substitute good of glass cotton winterproof material.if you accidentally touch the thermal instulated cotton,don't worry,It does not have any harmful effects for you . Insulated cotton is applied to the Passenger train,stadium,theater. Hand shears is a ordinary tool of cutting insulated cotton,which is cheap,but cutting thermal insulation cotton by worker with scissors is easy to make mistakes and low efficiency.some customers cut the thermal insulated cotton by mold,the features of it is fastly,This method is more suitable for multiple thermal insulation cotton needs to be cut into the same shape and size of customer groups.So how to cut the thermal insulated cotton to achieve the cutting effectiveness with beautiful and effiicient? yes ,you need JWEI CNC oscillating knife cutter for cutting insulated cotton,Let us take a look.



JWEI CNC oscillating knife cutter is a fully automated machine,Both thermal sheet and roll thermal insulation cotton materials can be cut quickly.it is equip with oscillating cutting tool to cut material with high speed,the cutting precision is up to 0.1mm,the cutting thickness of machine is 50mm(depend on different materials),the cutting speed of machine is up to 1500mm/s,and it has many cutting size of machine for you choose.the cutting material edge is smooth and quickly by the CNC oscillating knife cutter cutting.if you use the machine ,2-3 skilled workers can be replaced to reduce labor costs. If you need to cut sound absorbing cotton, corrugated paper, and honeycomb board at the same time as the thermal insulation cotton, you can directly use the corresponding tool to quickly cut the grooving and indentation.


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