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JWEI CNC oscillating knife cutter for road sign manufacturing unit to process 3M type of vinyl

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With the rapid development of highways and the name and logo of the highway network the is integrated in the marketing, the utilization rate of valuable diamond-grade imported reflective film ,such as 5M and Aili on the market is increasing daily.



The use of diamond-grade imported reflective film is increasing day by day,such as 5M and Aili.These materials are made of the principle of micro-prism strong ,so the charateristic of the materials is hardness, high elasticity and high viscosity back adhesive,therefore if you use CNC oscillating knife cutter with ordinary to process these materials, it will appear the phenomenon with Impenetrable cutting, deformation,so a lot of manpower and material is wasted.In this case ,JWEI manufacturer of CNC oscillating knife cutter is especially design JWEI CNC oscillating knife cutter for road sign manufacturing unit to process 3M type of vinyl,it replace the CNC oscillating knife cutter with ordinary ,It's truly automated.



JWEI CNC oscillating knife cutter has many the characteristic with quality and stability,the cut material leaves no white edges,half-cut and full-cut,high speed and good precision,good software compatibility, easy to operate etc. it is applied for traffic and sign industry, it can meet the needs of a short produce.so it is liking by the customers.The reflective film can be easily cut as a self-adhesive sticky by the machine,Such as 3M reflective film, diamond grade reflective film, engineering grade reflective film, domestic high-strength film, automobile protective film, advertising film and so on.the cutting across formats does not run off, and the contour cutting is accurately recognized.




This is a fully automated equipment with standard special-shaped edge contour cutting function and high speed and high precision silent cutting.If you want to know more infomation about JWEI CNC oscillating knife cutter ,please you contact you as soon,wechat or whtasapp is +86 183 6827 5009 .



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