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The cutting effectiveness of JWEI MDF board cutting machine display

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The full name of MDF is Medium-density fibreboard,which is often used in school projects because of its flexibility. Slatwall panels made from MDF are used in the shop fitting industry. MDF is primarily used for indoor applications due to its poor moisture resistance. It is available in raw form, or with a finely sanded surface, or with a decorative overlay.MDF is also usable for furniture such as cabinets, cabinetry, flooring and even speaker boxes because of its strong surface.



Recently,we have recived the test-cutting demand of MDF board manufacturers for MDF board, we cut the MDF board by JWEI's MDF board cutting machine, the cutting effectiveness is good and the customer is satisfied.The following is the video of cutting MDF board , welcome the majority of customers with the same cutting needs to visit the test cutting.




JWEI's MDF board cutting machine is especial designed for MDF board, PVC sheet , KT board, Acrylic etc. As an undisputed industry leader and innovator in advertisement cutting market, JWEI invented high-end MDF board cutting machine that provides reliable support for heavy industrial production and illustrates the powerful potentiality for cutting optimization in special applications. MDF board cutting machine continues to innovate by increasing added value and it processes excellently all kinds of materials that are difficult to handle by using in combination with the 1.8 KW router tool and Oscillating knife tool, such as thick acrylic, high-density foam, MDF,KT board, PVC sheet ,Corrugated board,Honey comb board,sticker,gray paper board and so on.


If you want to know more information about the JWEI's MDF board cutting machine,please you contact us: wechat/whatsapp +86 18368275009

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