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Introduction of JWEI PVC Sheet cutting machine for doormat and table cloth for you

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If you are a manufactures of all kinds of mat, do you meet the questions as the follow:

➫ It is difficulty for cutting large doormat and table cloth
➫  It is poor efficiency and high cost for cutting special shape doormat and table cloth
➫ It is severely damaged for plush floormats and doormats
➫ The cost of mold is highly for the short run production
➫  It is large error for cutting printed doormat and table cloth
➫ The cutting efficiency of the worker is slowly and it's easy to waste materials



For this series of cutting problem,I will introduce JWEI pvc sheet cutting machine for you. pvc sheet cutting machine is CNC cutting machine,which can cut doormat and table cloth of any size and any shape.It is equipped with rotary knife tools and oscillating cutting tool,which can cut 50mm thickness sponge composite leather, PVC doormat, table cloth,carpet,etc. it is high speed and high precision so that it can reduce the waste of materials caused by manual error, Now let us whach the video about the JWEI pvc sheet cutting machine show.




The features of JWEI PVC Sheet cutting machine

➫  Optimized speed and accuracy
➫  Renowned for its high speed and precision, the high frequency oscillating knife tool presents an efficient cutting capability across a variety of different materials.

➫  Roll material feeding frame
Capable of delivering smooth cutting process via using the roll material feeding frame that avoids the falling of roll material.

➫  Lower labor cost
Support to be connected with several remote computers, which ensures man-machine separate operation, and results in labor-saving greatly.

➫   Customized machine size
A suitable machine size is customized for your production workflow based on your need.

➫  Compatibility with widely-used format file
The powerful high compatibility allows for easy and flexible connection to widely-used DXF, HPGL format, to better simplify and accelerate the production process.

➫  Automation tools
advanced tools such as adjustable pressure tool, kiss-cut tool etc. help achieve a most stable and fast cutting process.


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