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Recommend JWEI’s super large format digital flatbed cutter for you

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How to make large format outside adversting cloth that you cost the least time,therefore,recommend JWEI's super large format digital flatbed cutter for you.



The TB08II series Digital Flatbed Cutter by JWEI is specialized in cutting flexible materials,such as corrguated board,PVC Foam Board, Cardboard, Acrylic, D-board, MDF, fabric, leather,ABS and various plastic board...etc. Its effective cutting range upto 3.1x2.1 meters to cut your large format adversting cltoh. Digital Flatbed Cutter with varies of functions include cutting, oscillating, creasing, plotting, and v-cut,half-cut to meet your all kinds of cutting requirement.and its cutting speed is up to 1200mm/s which is epends on different materials.



Feature of digital flatbed cutter

1.Framed by butt-end-joint industrial aluminum alloy profile, delivers high rigidness and base, easy for transporting and assembling, especially encounter with limit entrance.
2.Modularized cutting head with up to 3 sets of tools combinations.
3.Optional high power router assembly with vacuum cleaner system available: 1800w, max. 60,000RPM.
4.Optional Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) for routing, trimming and polishing rigid plate like acrylic, PVC foam board, MDF, ABS and various plastic board.
5.Carbon fiber reinforced gantry for intense industrial production, reliable and steady.
6.Separate vacuum areas for maximum holding-down force.
7.JWCS control software included as standard with friendly interface and powerful editing and optimizing functions.




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