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RC03III-1512 Garment Template Digital Cutter
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RC03III-1512 Garment Template Digital Cutter

Brand:  JWEI

Type: Cutting machine

Factory: Zhejiang,China

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being good in improving customer outcomes, JWEI RC03II series have eased the various garment template issues by lowering costs, speeding up efficiency.RC03II series focus on achieving maximum enterprise competitiveness with latest technology, it meets well today’s market needs and connects with customers who make best use of it to optimize processes of cutting pocket lid template, lower collar template, pocket opening template and so on.


the application of garment template digital cutter





the advantages of garment template digital cutter



Cutting costs
·JWEI RC03II series replace completely the high-priced equipment such as bag opening machine, sleeve machine, pleating machine that are used for making collar, bag lid, pocket, stripe alignment etc.

·with the RC03II series template machines, one person does the work that used to do by 3 persons that of opening pockets, fixing zipper/collar, which lowers labor costs greatly.

Deliver consistent quality
RC03II series deliver higher quality of finished product to our customers in the details of the same height/size of pockets, the flattening zipper.

No need of skilled workers
simple training about a week gets operators who never have experience in garment industry to go to work and make high quality clothing quickly.

Workflow runs through more smoothly
automated equipment integrated into workflow accelerates digital transformation and makes overall processes more efficient.

Offer high-end tools
JWEI provides custom-tailor solution such as making special technics of sleeve pulled




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