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JWEI RC03 Apparel Template Cutting Machine
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JWEI RC03 Apparel Template Cutting Machine

Brand:  JWEI

Category: Model

Factory: NinGBo

   Model No.   RC02-1509        RC03-1509      RC03-1512
   Characteristics   Be connected to any kind of apparel CAD software.

Working with computer synchronously, transmit speedily

  Cutting method   Multi-diameter router(Replaceable)special tungsten carbide blade, plotting
  Knife handle diameter   3.175mm/4mm/6mm
  Max.cutting speed   800mm/s(depends on the kinds of material)
  Cutting material PVC board, Acrylic board, Density board, Plastic board etc. Kraft paper,Ivory board, Sulphite paper.
  Cutting thickness   up to 10mm
  Working accuracy   +/-0.1mm
  Repeated accuracy   +/-0.05mm
  Main axis frequency motor   1200W
  Max.Spindle speed   30000(r/min)
  Fixing method   Individual Section Vacuum suction
  Command   HP-GL compatible format
  Numerical control panel   Chinese-English LCD touch screen
  Transmission system   Servo motor driver high precise straight rail synchronous belt
  Interface   Ethernet port
  Power supply   AC380V+/-10% 50HZ / 60HZ
  Fuse   10A,30A
  Effective Cutting Area   1500mm*900 mm | 1500mm*900 mm | 1500mm*1200 mm
  Machine size  2220mm*1520mm*1300mm| 2220mm*1520mm*1300mm  |2220mm*1920mm*1300mm

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