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JWEI explains the operation methods and skills of fine clothing cutting

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Fine clothing generally belongs to advanced customization and has high requirements for cutting.JWEI has been engaged in the research and development and sales of intelligent cutting machine in the clothing industry for many years.

Fine clothing generally belongs to advanced customization and has high requirements for cutting. Jingwei Technology has been engaged in the research and development and sales of intelligent cutting equipment in the clothing industry for many years. We have a deep understanding of the production of fine clothing and explain the routines of fine clothing cutting. Operating skills:

The following requirements must be met for tailoring fine clothing:

1. The electric knife should not be too big, preferably 5 inches, 6 inches and no more than 8 inches. The knife is flexible and easy to operate, especially the 5 inch knife is most suitable for cutting thin materials. Some bosses of Chinese apparel companies think that they can cut the thickness by buying a big knife. This understanding is a big misunderstanding.

2. The spreading cloth should not be too thick. The thickness should be 5-15 cm when pressed by hand. It is better to spread a layer of softer and thicker other fabrics on the bottom paper and under the top paper for fabrics like willow wrinkles and georgette. . (You can find waste in the warehouse)

Next, the methods and techniques of operation are introduced:

1. Cut in the opposite order of layout, first cut small pieces and then large pieces. First cut the outer mouth (line) and then the inner mouth (line). Cross first and then straight

2. Hold the handle of the knife with your right hand, with the palm of your palm against the apex of the handle, and your index finger will not rest on the presser foot when you don't need to press the foot. This way you can be safer and more focused. The right elbow is naturally raised without sagging. Stroke the tissue with your left hand from the outside to the side until it stops about 1 cm from the edge of the presser foot. The index finger is basically parallel to the presser foot instead of being placed in front of the presser foot. The thumb is not upturned. Lightly press the fabric covering the tissue paper with natural force and softness. Don't press too much. The center of pressure is vertically downward to prevent the misalignment of the fabric layer from affecting the accuracy. When the knife is pushed forward, the presser foot is 3-5 cm away from the mouth of the left hand and the left hand moves backward and repeats the previous movement, paying attention to continuity.

3. When the feed presser foot is loose, it will naturally and lightly press the fabric covered with tissue paper, and align the cutting line 180° to feed. When ejecting the knife, press the left index finger or thumb lightly on the foot, and press the right hand to press the foot button to fit the knife.

4. When punching a knife eye, place your left hand horizontally on the front of the presser foot and hold the forefinger against the presser foot, and place the other fingers and palms on the fabric. Gently push the cutter with your right hand to control the notch within 0.2-0.3 cm. Require straightening or slanting in strict accordance with the pattern.

5. When cutting the arc, try to feed in from two directions and pay attention to the level of the interface. Such as cutting sleeve cage arc.

6. When cutting the sleeves of the garments, you can make a cut (about 2 cm) at the side seam sleeves and then cut them from the shoulder seams.

7. When there is a small angle on both sides of the cutting collar, you can make a cut on the right and then cut to the right from the center point, and cut to the original place. Note that the interface should not be pulled to prevent it from being pulled to the wire (not cut) Cause snagging. Then cut a knife to the left and cut from the center point to the left also pay attention to the gestures. This cutting speed will be slower but more standard.

With the improvement of people's consumption level, everyone has begun to have higher requirements for the production efficiency of high-quality clothing. JWEI's advanced customized clothing intelligent cutting program came into being, achieving a high degree of automation, automatic feeding and feeding, and automatic layout. It can effectively improve efficiency and increase the utilization rate of fabrics. It can be said to be a reform of conventional manual cutting. If you want to know more program information, please contact online customer service.


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