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What can automatic cutting machine bring to the apparel industry?

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At present,most of the clothing industry uses traditional hand-cutting.The biggest problem encountered is hand errors and it is difficult to maintain accuracy.If it is large-volume,multi-larer cutting,it will lead to very low production efficiency.Automatic cutting machines are born.It can be accurate,efficient,,multi-purpose,and replace labor.It is an essential equipment in the clothing industry.JWEI has been engaged in the research and development and sales of automatic cutting machine in the apparel industry for more then 10 years.Knowing the pain points of the industry.what can automatic garment cutting machine bring to the industry?

Due to the inevitable errors of manual cutting,inspection and correction procedures lead to an increase in labor costs.While increasing the operating costs of small and medium-sized clothing enterprises,it also seriously affects product quality.Garment cutting machine can improve cutting quality.

After the intuitive and operable computer layout,the first material saving has been formed.The zero error of garment cutting machine enables the entire cutting work to save a lot of materials again,allowing to the enterprise to apply the cloth to the maximum and the highest efficiency,and the cost of enterprise it is also used efficiently.

Such a garment cutting machine bring great profit margins to enterprise,which is also the biggest factor for enterprise to choose garment cutting machine s.So does your company use a garment cutting machine?


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