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New Software- JWEI JWPD is Coming!

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Facing the current situation of the industry and market demand that abnormal typesetting in printing, advertising, packaging and other industries have become the normal business form and the existing software in the market is unable to meet the demand,JWEI bring JWPD with diversified functions and optimize production to the market which helped to reduce 90% labor, save multi-million RMB and give the industry new vitality.



The Advantage of JWPD software

1.adding positioning points autonomously 

the JWPD software is able to autonomously add positioning points for accurate positioning and cutting of printed documents.

2.add QR code autonomously

The JWPD software is able to autonomously add QR code to carry out classification management of file information for different tasks.

3.automatic image matting

The JWPD software ia able to intelligently recognize the contour of any special-shaped image and automatically generate the contour of the image.

4.special-shaped image mixing

Combine the multiple image and fast typesetting intelligently according to the contour line of special-shaped image.

5.intelligent robot

All functions are processed intelligently, which help to reduce manual processing links, greatly save time and improve efficiency.


Tip:the video shows the JWEI LST03II-0806-RM digital die cutting machine,of which feeding,cutting,collecting is fully automatic and would apply JWPD a lot.




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