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Features introduction of JWEI garment template cutting machine

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Garment template is an advanced technology in garment production,It simplifies and standardizes complex processes,It not only improves the production efficiency, but also improves the quality of garments.The Garment template reduces the dependence on skilled workers and highly skilled personnel, reduces the technical requirements of workers, and is conducive to the recruitment of ordinary workers in garment factories.



JWEI Garment template cutting machine is using for making garment template,Through the milling cutter tool to quickly achieve the production of garment template,garment template is very good,Garment template cutting machine is equiped with water-cooling system,so it Can work long hours,and epuiped with Zonal vacuum adsorption,so small sample pieces can be cut quickly.and Garment template cutting machine is easy to operated,The novice quickly learns to operate.the size have 1.5*0.9m and 1.5*1.2m to choose.


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