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LST0604 cutting case display when used at the customer

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We show you a case of a typical graphic industry customer cutting.JWEI’s machine has been highly praised by customers.Self-adhesive,whith card,and coated paper can be effectively cut without the need to make a knife mold to achieve feeding and cutting. Integration with receiving. Customers with the same kind of cutting needs can refer to understand.

According to customer feedback, the cutting effect of the conventional die-cutting machine is not good. After using the LST0604, the cutting effect fully meets the customer's requirements.

This is a three-dimensional book toy, with a variety of complex shapes, requiring relatively high precision, and the cutting effect of warp and weft LST0604 is good.

This is a billboard made of KT board material. Using the warp and weft LST03-0806-RM plus a vibrating knife tool, it can cut well without the need to operate on large cutting equipment, saving time and effort.

This is an airline's advertising product. The arc precision is relatively high. Using LST0604, it can be cut well without making a knife mold. The customer is very satisfied.

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