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How to estimate the production price of color box?

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Color boxes are a type commonly used in the packaging industry today.Compared to monotonous corrugated packaging boxes,color boxes are more likely to be lovely by consumers,but the cost is higher than traditional packaging boxes,and many consumers who want to make color boxes are not clear that how estimate the production price of color boxes.JWEI has been engaged in the development and sales of color box cutting proofing machines for many years.Here is how to estimate the price for everyone:

The price of the color box is generally calculated by: paper price + pre-press fee + start-up fee + post-print fee + tax rate of 10% (except for invoicing) + logistics transportation fee (may not be added) = (customer psychological price).
Each of these parts has its own pricing law:

1. Paper price calculation method: weight (law) × grams × ton price ÷ 500 sheets ÷ open number × number of prints × 1.1% loss = total freight paper

2. The printing cost includes the following aspects, and its calculation method is: ① Design fee: 200-500 yuan/P package proofing. Film; ② Production fee: 130-200 yuan/P package proofing. Film; ③ Typesetting fee: one P5 —10 yuan (depending on how much and difficulty); ④ Proofing fee: one P15-20 yuan.

3. The start-up fee is calculated according to the market price, generally 3-500 yuan/set/3000 sheets or less;

4. Post-press processing includes surface treatment (gilding, UV, bumping, coating, oil polishing), mounting, beer, glue, handwork, packaging, etc., which can be priced according to the actual situation.

If you often need to make various styles of color boxes, you can consider purchasing the new graphic machine launched by Jingwei: LST03-0806-RM, which can cut color boxes, coated paper and stickers, automatically receive and send materials, and various complex boxes All types can be effectively cut, which is your preferred equipment to improve production efficiency and expand business scale. If you want to know more, please contact online customer service.


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