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Key Points of Lipstick Packaging Design

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Lipstick can be said to be the favorite of many female friends. You can’t walk when you see the exquisite and unique lipstick packaging. You have to buy it for yourself. These packaging boxes can be said to have a great attraction. The design of the lipstick packaging box What are the particulars? JWEI has been engaged in the research and development and sales of intelligent cutting equipment in the packaging industry for many years, and has a deep understanding of the industry. I will tell you about the design of lipstick packaging boxes:

First, the lipstick box matches the lipstick shade. Just like women have tens of thousands of styles, different lipsticks must also have packaging boxes that match them. Glamorous women prefer bold red lipsticks, so big red lipsticks can be matched with red-based packaging boxes. For a lipstick customized for passionate women, you must choose a lipstick packaging box with an atmospheric appearance.

Second, the style is unified. Different lipsticks have different styles. Whether it is a business or an individual, it can be said that lipsticks are positioned as hot, mature, lightly ripe, fresh, and subtle. Today, when focusing on brand marketing, lipstick packaging should also be paid attention to. Cultural export, export the brand connotation contained in lipstick.

A lipstick packaging box full of love should be a customized packaging. If you want to express affection to your lover, you can show your feelings on the wrapping paper. If you want to give a friend a love, you can choose a friendship-themed packaging box. Each lipstick is unique, and each lipstick packaging box can also be customized.

If you are a manufacturer of lipstick packaging boxes and want to produce exquisite packaging, you can learn about our LST graphic digital cutting machine, which can cut out complex box shapes, and can realize both indentation and half-cutting, and can realize automatic feeding and feeding. , Is an automated artifact made by color box packaging.


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