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How to customize a satisfactory cake packaging box?

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Packaging box customization have became a major trend in the packaging industry,and the pursuit of aesthetics and personalized cake packaging  has long been adds to the customization circle.The requirements  for customized cake packaging boxes are very high,so,how to make a satisfactory box?These are several points to note:

1/ customization process of cake packaging box

A/design structure

B/choose materials

C/design box type

D/design appearance

E/arrange production

F/shipment and delivery

  1. The weight of the cake and the size of the cake need to be considered when design the structure. This also requires special attention when selecting materials. Suitable structures and materials must be used. The main consideration is whether the strength of the material and structure can withstand the weight of the cake.
  2. When designing the box type, you should also consider not occupying volume and space, because cake shops are generally in downtown areas and the space is particularly small. If the design of the cake packaging box takes up too much space, there is no place to store the cake packaging box.
  3. In addition to the above, you must pay special attention when choosing the material of the cake packaging box.Only food-grade paper can be used as a cake packaging box. If the paper is particularly poor,it may volatilize toxic substances and affect the quality of the cake. And you must also use environmental protection when printing.Soy ink.

The above is introduction of cake box customization. If you are a cake box manufacturer and want to improve production efficiency, you can learn about JWEI carton proofing machine.All kinds of special shapes can be cut effectively without the need to make knife molds,proofing and small batches can be easily handled.


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