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JWEI manufacturing center carries out outdoor development training

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On December 5th, 2021, JWEI manufacturing center organized an outdoor training in Ningbo. More than 30 cadres and key employees of JWEI production system participated in the activity.This training leads everyone to perceive JWEI's corporate culture through interesting and challenging games, and further carries forward the JWEI talent concept of "innovation and teamwork".



In this training activity, there are five games: grouping, battlefield muster, crazy football, challenge No.1 and thrilling countdown,that lead all participants to break inertial thinking and use team wisdom to complete tasks;At the same time, it extends to work , forming some inspiration and thinking.



Mr. Zheng Weihua, director of JWEI manufacturing center, made a speech at the activity. President Zheng expressed his gratitude to all the staff for their positive participation in this training. This activity was carried out in the form of games, which not only made people happy physically and mentally, but also showed our team spirit of cohesion,it stimulated everyone's sense of cooperation and responsibility once again.In addition, employee representatives delivered speeches on the event,they said that through this training, they fully felt the connotation of JWEI culture and the importance of teamwork,at the same time, through the well-designed training projects, they realize the close connection with work behind each game.



JWEI's each product has been devoted the love, heart, focus and creation of each manufacturing center personnel,which has created the leading market position and a unique product style of JWEI.The team development activity of manufacturing center also shows the JWEI management culture of "team is more important than individual, authorization is more important than command, and equality is more important than authority",and interprets the JWEI values of "diligence, innovation, sharing and development", promotes the overall construction of JWEI culture and injects endless spiritual power into the harmonious development of JWEI.




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