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Application of JWEI CB03II-1113 carton box cutting machine

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JWEI CB03II-1113 carton box cutting machine is specially made for proofing and short runs production in packaging industry ,it can be applied to the production of packaging materials, packaging design, digital proofing, furniture packaging and high-quality packaging etc; the cutting materials of JWEI CB03II-1113 carton box cutting machine include all kinds of corrugated paper, grey cardboard, PVC expansion sheet, honey comb plate, EPE foam,EVA  foam, foam,arcylic etc.




Advantages of carton box cutting machine advantages

*No die and delivery fast for digital proofing, short runs cutting solution

*Automatic pre-press processing process allows the functions of document composition, matting and order classification to be completed with one click.

*Combined with highly integrated professional packaging software, which is equipped with more than 1000 box shapes, production can get twice the result with half the effort.

*CCD positioning cutting integrates positioning and task classification, which solves manual classification and recognition and ensures higher-precision cutting.

*The equipment is stable and reliable based on more than 20 years, nearly 30 years of technical experience.

Different sizes brings the same intelligent process,There are many machine sizes according to different demand,and the effective cutting area contains 2500mm*1300mm(CB03II-2513RM ),2500mm*1600mm( CB03II-2516RM ),1100mm*1300mm( CB03II-1113 ),1800mm*1600mm( CB03II-1816RM) etc.

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