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Introduction of JWEI FH03II flatbed digital cutter industry application

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JWEI FH03II flatbed digital cutter are specially desined for cutting single-ply and slight multi-ply clothing fabric,funiture fabric,leather,composites technical textiles,foot mat,carpet,etc.



JWEI FH03II flatbed digital cutter are built on the promise of delivering faster and more efficient workflow and widely adopted by varies industries.varies interchangeable tools are available for your versatile cutting jobs.Including standard rotary tool and pneumatic punching tool.the rotary tool is a universal tool that allows you to cut off any shape through wide range of textile and fabrics,including silk and chiffon.pressure adjustable pneumatic punching tool delivers perfect "I" or "V",notches on textiles for your next sewing process.High resolutiong projection system makes cutting parts visible on table,easy for sorting cut parts.the cut piece can also be projected in the receiving area after cutting intergarted strip/grid pattern mathing system is specifically designed for customization production of high end suit and shirt and short order production,double and even triple efficien of manual textile cutting with high level of quality constancy,the over cutter camera system enables the cutter recognize grapics digital printed or flock printed on textile.the cutter then executes cutting operation automatically and continuously.


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