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Introduce the feature of JWEI digital cutting system for you

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As we all know ,digital cutting system is unliking die cutting ,which uses physical dies to creat the varies of shape,it is using the oscillating cutting tool which follows a computer programmed path to cut the any shape,so that you creat the any shape you want.



JWEI Digital cutting system is used for adversiting industry,garment industry,graphic industry,packaging industry,Furniture industry,with just one digital cutting system,you can process all kinds of materials with high speed,high precision and high intelligence ,including vinyl,leather,fabric,KT board,corrugated board,label sticker,signs,grey board,cardboard,pvc sheet,EVA foam,EPE foam,outdoor printing fabric,pvc expansion sheet,honeycomb board,etc. The cutting speed of Digital cutting system is up to 1200mm/s,which is depends o different materials,the cutting precision of digital cutting system is up to 0.05mm ,and there are different the effective cutting area to your choose.including 2500mm*1600mm,3500*1600mm,5500*1600mm,2500*2000mm,3500*2000mm,5500*2000mm,3000*3200mm.



The unique advantages of JWEI digital cutting system

Modularized machine head
Muti-functional machine head holds up to 3 sets of tools simultaneously to be speedy on process to show the versatility of JWEI TB08II series digital cutting system .

Long service time
Equipped with carbon fiber reinforced gantry which is reliable and stable, TB08II seriesdigital cutting system auto cutters enable high intensity industrial production handling.

Powerful JWCS control software
JWCS control software with friendly interface and powerful editing and optimizing functions offers the easiest way to lean production.

Automatic tools
Providing for optional a robust set of automatic and high-power tools for routing, trimming, cutting to massively streamline production workflow.

Separate vacuum suction
Materials are fixed firmly through separate vacuum areas with maximum suction generated.

Industrial frame
Frame using industrial aluminum alloy profile assures high rigidness of base, which is easy for shipping or assembling.

Intelligent partition system
According to different size materials the partition suction is set to make the material fixed tightly on the table and the cutting more precise




The above is the introduciton about the digital cutting system.we have have still more ,if you want to know more information about the machine ,please you contact us, Wechat/WhatsApp +86 18368275009

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