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How to choose between digital cutting system and die cutting machine ?

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what is the diffrence between digital cutting system and die cutting machine ,and how to choose them to cut any shape you needs.let's explor it.



In the world of printing, die cutting machine is used for cutting lots of printed items into identical shapes,which is provides a quick and inexpensive way,The artwork is printed on a square or rectangular sheet of paper or cardstock, then placed in a die cutting machine which has been loaded with a custom-made “die” or “punch block” ,which is a block of wood with a metal blade, bent and folded into the desired shape. When the machine presses the printed sheet and the die together, it cuts out the shape of the blade into the material.However,digital cutting system is Unliking die cutting which uses physical dies to create the shape,it is ueing a blade which follows a computer-programmed path to create the shape. The printed sheet is placed on the digital cutting system, and the cutter travels across the sheet along the programmed path to cut out the shape.therefore,digital cutting system and die cutting machine are used in different fileds. if you want to machine to proof and short-run produce,you can choose the digital cutting system.it is saving work time and saving materials.



JWEI's CB08II series digital cutting machine is a complete all-in-one solution for manufacturing fully customized outdoor advertising boards.Most commonly used with foam boards, corrugated plastic, PVC, PVC soft film ,and more, the digital cutting machine uses the oscillating knife and non-oscillating knife tool, to process materials. The process is fast and accurate, allowing for the creation of complex and detailed shapes.



The above is the introduciton about the digital cutting system.we have have still more ,if you want to know more information about the machine ,please you contact us, Wechat/WhatsApp +86 18368275009

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