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CB03II-2516-RQ|Upgrade, more extraordinary!

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Ten years ago, we created a classic,

Ten years later, we create new trends.

When classics collide with technology,

When demand and industry are constantly updated,

We bring you a new classic potential!


CB03II-2516-RM has been recognized as a classic in the industry for many years. As a new member of the classic series CB03 family, CB03II-2516-RQ not only retains the various superior properties of CB03II-2516-RM. Both software and hardware have been fully upgraded, and the performance is outstanding.

01. The upgrade is equipped with a fully automatic feeding and receiving system, and cutting and receiving are carried out at the same time in the AB area, and the overall efficiency is increased by more than 30%. The job that originally took 3 days to complete can now be completed in only 2 days.

02. The intelligent QR code scanning software can quickly retrieve the cutting file and automatically execute the cutting action. Minimize the dependence on skilled labor and improve the efficiency and accuracy of map adjustment.

Multiple different files can be automatically retrieved, positioning and cutting are automatically completed. For example, 100 pieces of material are divided into 10 different files, which can be automatically identified and retrieved and automatically cut.

03. The optional top edge-finding system can also carry out intelligent cycle cutting after automatic cutting. Upgrade and speed up the pace of production, increase output and efficiency.

04.JWEI MES system: adopting JWEI 3-tier architecture, multi-dimensionally open up the whole production process from planning to data analysis.

JWEI always pays attention to the changes in the market and demand. The fully automatic delivery and cutting assembly line solution provided by the advertising industry this time combines professional software with automated advertising operation modules, which will undoubtedly bring unparalleled intelligence to more advertising industry customers Cutting experience.

As a leader in the cutting field of the domestic advertising industry, JWEI has always been at the forefront, leading a wave of cutting equipment innovations. Provided services to more than 10,000 customers in more than 120 countries and regions around the world. In the future, JWEI will continue to be forward-looking and output more excellent solutions for the advertising industry to help customers improve production efficiency, speed and quality, and gain higher competitiveness on the road to intelligence.

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