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Almighty upgrade! Full cooperation! JWEI signs contract with KONICA MINOLTA China

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As a leader in the field of flexible material cutting, JWEI has taken the lead in launching the world's first exclusive sending, cutting, and collecting line in the graphic industry, which has been well received by many customers worldwide. In 2020, for printing, packaging, advertising and graphic customers, we will provide intelligent solutions for the entire process from software to hardware, from design to cutting, and once launched, it will be popular all over the country.

JWEI has been paying attention to customer needs for a long time, and is now adding roll material feeding function to the core needs of customers in the graphic industry. This function has been maturely applied in overseas markets for more than a year, which can help customers undertake more business, and will not cause the equipment to be idle due to fluctuations in orders. Realize one machine with multiple functions, improve efficiency and create value.

If you really want to lead the industry to change, you need to cooperate and innovate in all aspects of the front and back, and establish a new system of co-creation and win-win. Based on this background, JWEI and Konica Minolta (China) have officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Ningbo. JWEI Chairman Lin Lixue and KONICA MINOLTA China's head of expansion department Li Gang attended the ceremony.

According to the agreement, the two companies will carry out in-depth cooperation in the fields of printing, graphics, packaging, etc., give full play to the innovation and leadership advantages of both parties, and organically integrate software, hardware, solutions and advantageous resources to provide industry users with a more comprehensive integrated solution .

Konica Minolta has a passionate style and has been actively promoting the innovation of the printing business for many years. Based on the different needs of customers, adapting to local conditions, meeting the various requirements of customers such as quality, productivity, paper type, and subsequent processing, comprehensively building a colorful, efficient, intelligent, and convenient digital business environment, dedicated to creating new values For clients.

For printing and packaging, graphic advertisers, the combination of strength and strength is also a rare opportunity for intelligent innovation. Next, JWEI and KONICA MINOLTA China will jointly build a new industry ecology, provide customized solutions based on different customer needs, constantly innovate and change, and strive to create greater value for customers.


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