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What is pp plate sheet uesed for ? what kind of materials it is

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pp plate sheet is also called corrugated board,wantong board,Double-wall panels,which is a new type of plasticized composite material products,it not only has the properties of plastic,wood,paper and glass,but also has the characteristics of heat resistance, flame retardant, cold resistance, moisture resistance, water resistance, shock resistance, sound insulation, corrosion resistance and so on .Its Physical and mechanical properties of Rigidity, hardness, compressive strength, dimensional stability and heat resistance better than other plastics products.pp plate sheet is a new type of hollow structure and corrosion resistance,Compared with traditional cardboard structure products, pp plate sheet has obvious advantages of moisture-proof and corrosion resistance , therefore,pp plate sheet can be recycled,the average cost per use of pp plate sheet is reduced,and there is no need to design a a separate mold ,it can let you reduce investment cost.




PP plate sheet has been widely used in packaging,machinery,food,electronics,light industry and other industries,which is especial used in packaging industries,Such as turnover box, spare parts turnover box, food turnover box, beverage turnover box, pesticide packaging box, the inner packaging of precision instruments, electronic components packaging plate, partition and transport storage turnover box, all kinds of goods and objects packaging protection, pad, shelf, partition, bottom plate, cross plate and other applications.



JWEI is a manufacturers of specialized RESEARCH and development, production and sales of flatbed cutting system for cutting pp plate sheet,so if you want to cut pp plate sheet into you need shape, JWEI's flatbed cutting system will help you .flatbed cutting system with cutting and creasing can cut any shape and any pattern you need,no matter pp plate sheet is small size or large size,which can be cut at once.it has the characteristic of high speed , high precision and no die cutting so that you can solve the problem of low precision and efficiency.




 If you want to know more information about the flatbed cutting system,please you contact us,wechat/whatsapp id is 18368275009


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