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I can do it! The real top stream cutting machine is here!

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"What is Top stream?

Top stream refers to the star (product) in the top position of the industry with extremely strong influence and appeal."

With the development of the graphic industry, small batches of personalized demand is becoming more and more significant, and the corresponding lack of equipment leads to high cost of demand realization or can not be realized, but at the same time the demand market is growing in the embarrassing situation. Focusing on this pain point, JWEI, relying on the urgent care of anxious customers, as well as the desire and persistence of innovative technology, innovated and developed the crossover star product -- JWEI graphic industry intelligent cutting system LST series in 2017, which filled the gap of the industry at one stroke.

After nearly 3 years of market testing, JWEI LST series has been praised by the global market. The huge halo attracts more and more partners to join, so far, jingwei has many strong partners from the Asian market, Europe, North America and other major economies. In 2019, JWEI became HP's global strategic partner. These are due to the market for the performance and technology of the LST series of products highly affirmed.

JWEI LST series of products -- advertising graphics integration solution

Original design world first

LST intelligent cutting equipment integrated cutting tools, indentation wheel tools, drawing pen and precision industrial camera visual positioning system, according to your original design, LST can achieve arbitrary shape creative design of cutting and indentation.

[no knife die]

Simply export the design in Illustrator or CorelDRAW to PLT, DXF, XML, CF2 format, and send to the JWCS control software to automatically execute the subsequent process. No need to make the die, save the time and cost of making the die. Press the "print" button to finish cutting and indentation easily.

[personalized small batch unattended]

Designed for short version production, qr code scanning automatically reads files, and processing sra3-size labels or paper clips usually takes only 15-70 seconds (depending on the complexity of the shape).

[characteristics of lst-0604-rm]

1. Equipped with automatic feeding and auxiliary feeding system, intelligent identification of feeding without paper suction function, can realize unattended continuous work;

2, three head configuration, a machine can simultaneously achieve half cutting, full cutting and indentation functions;

3, the rolling table with CCD automatic positioning function, can achieve small batch, multi-batch automation;

4, bar code recognition function, can automatically take the cutting path (need to be equipped with a scanning gun);

5, two-dimensional code recognition function, can automatically adjust the cutting path.


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