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The Differences Between Honeycomb Paperboard And Corrugated Cardboard(Ⅱ)

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The honeycomb paperboard, compared to the corrugated cardboard, has the features of lighter weight, the stronger flexural and folding strength. Honeycomb paperboard is in the same thickness and size with the corrugated board, its weight is only about 70% of the corrugated board, and the plane pressure is about twice as large than corrugated cardboard. Of course, it costs higher than corrugated cardboard.

Although the honeycomb paperboard can save more materials, however, the requirements of water resistance, bursting resistance, tear and scalability for its base paper to be higher, and the manufacturing technology are harder, which result in the going up production costs.

Moreover, the time of emergence and development of the corrugated board are relatively longer than honeycomb paperboard. Therefore, its manufacturing technology and production equipment are not as advanced as corrugated cardboard. The honeycomb paperboard still has many technically shortcomings which need for further improvement.

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