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Using JWEI digital cutting table to complete your prototyping business

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Packaging prototyping, prototypes or mock-ups are samples that enable a product manufacturer, brand owner, print & packaging shop or factory to produce large quantity of real boxes accordingly and it is the same for even a short-run production of printed box.


Imaging you are an owner of a printer offering various paper packaging prototypes to larger print & packaging factories, like any other players, you naturally pursue as much profit as possible when creating a Paper Packaging Prototyping or presentation box. The traditional workflow is pre-press, printing on press and finishing.

To fulfill various challenging jobs required and gain the profit as expected, it is better for you to have a good workflow with reliable hardware and software with respect to design, color management, printing and finishing, of which digital prototyping show its marvelous vitality and competence against the traditional means.


There are many suppliers of color management software, printers and finishing machines available for your choices. Think twice before you jump! We see in China many applications are using EFI color management software + EPSON printers + JWEI digital cutters for their business and this combinations is quite mature for the niche. On the other hand, many printers are even trying using UV ink to tackle many printing jobs with strict demands of customers. The problem is we do not find any mature solutions for UV printing prototyping on market. So it should be a good news for printer suppliers.


Any prints with no final finishing is not allowed to deliver to customers. JWEI offers digital die cutting and creasing solutions for this process with great competence. CB03II-1113 would be an ideal tool for all folding carton and small corrugated box cutting and creasing. Normally, this process would bring you a value rated at around 30% of the whole deliverable while you just have to invest the cutter at less than 20% of the whole investment.


The interesting thing is, digital cutting and creasing on JWEI cutting system is so easy that you do not need any skilled operator and few consumables is required except blades and cutting underlay.


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