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Packaging box materials selection pay attention to 4 points

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Nowadays,there are many kinds of packaging boxes,and there are many materials used to make packaging boxes.Different packaging boxes need to choose different packaging materials,so how to choose materials reasonably?JWEI has served many customers  in the packaging industry and provided them with smart packaging proofing machines.We have an in-depth understanding of packaging materials and tell you how to choose packaging materials:

  1. Isolation

According to different requirements for product packaging,packaging materials should have a certain barrier to moisture,water vapor,gas,light,aroma,odor,heat etc.

  1. Better economic performance

Packaging materials should have a wide range of sources,convenient to obtain materials,and low in cost.The used packaging materials and packaging containers should be easy to handle,not pollute the environment,and avoid causing public hazards.

  1. Good safety performance

The toxicity of the packaging materials itself should be small to avoid polluting the product and affecting human healthy.Packaging material should be non-corrosive,and have anti-insect,anti-moth,anti-rodent,and anti-microbial properties to protect product safety.

  1. Appropriate use of packaging materials is related to cost and safety performance of product transportation

Packaging products with appropriate packaging materials can save a lot of cost,and with lower cost,products can can be protected most safely.

  1. Appropriate processing performance

Packaging materials should be suitable for processing,easy to be made into various packaging containers,easy to mechanize and automate packaging operations to suit large-scale industrial production,suitable for printing,and easy to print packaging signs.

The above are precautions for the selection of packaging materials.For more information of packaging materials,please contact us.If you are a packaging factory customer and want to learn more about packaging proofing machine,you can also communicate with us.



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