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JWEI will share with you plotter cutting machine for KT board in this beautifull april day

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As we all know ,KT board is widely used in advertising industry,it is applied for making exhibition ,showing stand,and it is widely used in screen printing,it is especially suitable for large-scale propaganda activity.The wide of KT board is 0.9m to 1.2m,The length of KT board is generally 2.4m .How to use KT board to make exhibition and showing stand,JWEI will share with you plotter cutting machine for KT board in this beautifull april day.



KT board is generally used for making outside photo,poster,light box,showing stand,flag,car sticker,soft magnetic sticker,digital singage and so on,which is workflow as follow.

Firstly,you need to start prepress work,such as you are batch drawing, batch prepress processing, automatic matting, batch producting of documents by JWEI JWPS software.
Secondly,you are processing color printing by RIP color management system and UV printing system.
Thirdly,you are processing graph,designing graph,positioning graph by JWEI JWCS system.
Finally,you cut the KT board into any shape and any size by JWEI plotter cutting machine .



JWEI plotter cutting machine is equipped with oscillating cutting tool,half cutting tool,milling tool etc.so you can cut all kinds of materials including PVC board,corrugated board,papercard,grey board,honeycomb board,ABS board,PVC sheet,EPE foam,light box sheet,sticker etc.Whether it is half cut, full cut, hard PVC or acrylic can be quickly cut.If you are meeting the above problem,you can try to use the JWEI plotter cutting machine to solve your problem.



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