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JWEI FH03II-3016-RQ fabric cutting machine  tailored to the needs of an Indonesian customer

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Recently,JWEI produced  FH03II-3016-RQ fabric cutting machine tailored to the needs of the Indonesian customer,it is mainly used to cut custom suits and shirts,which is equipped with a top camera and a projector.It is very convenient to cut fabric with the top camera and a projector,when we lay the fabric on the cutting table, we use the top camera to intelligently extract the stripe grid lines, and then intelligently match the processed stripe alignment files to the grid lines extracted by the camera, and then send to cut with one click.




Why this Indonesian customer choose a fabric cutting machine with cutting length of three meters?It is because the three meter cutting length can be used to lay a complete set of suits or two shirts at a time, based on the condition that the layout of a suit is about 2.6-2.9 meters, and the layout length of a shirt is about 1.3-1.6 meters , so as to ensure efficiency and avoid frequent conversion. Besides,there are some fabrics that are dark in the suit and cannot be recognized by the top camera, the 3-meter cutting size can also be used to cut fabric by the traditional method of manually folding fabrics through strip and grid cutting. In this way, the two working methods of one machine can be combined to jointly solve the cutting task of customers.



If you want to more information about the fabric cutting machine, please you contact us: wechat/whatsapp 18368275009

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