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JWEI Digital Cutter Facilitates Your PET Felt Acoustic Panel Finishing

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PET felt is admitted to be nowadays top acoustic material. Felt panel made from PET (Polyethylene Terephalate, or recycled plastic water and soda bottles) has been widely used for sound absorbing while serving for visual and decorative purpose due to its natures: eco-friendly, recyclable, sustainable, flame retardant, multi-colored, custom-flexible… you name it. As everything has its pros and cons, PET felt panel, however, has been applied in high-profile projects and is being accepted in commercial design industry as a standard material.

PET felt panel with V grooves

Great deigns are great as they are converted by great engineering with helps of proper tools. Fast turnaround and clean finishing output is always the priority when you search for how to cope with finishing jobs of constant and high quality requirements. JWEI CB03II series flatbed digital cutters deliver what you want.

Below is two cases where JWEI digital cutting system makes customers happy.

Case No. 1

Hive carved wall tile. Visually, hive arrangement is better than plain single-colored wall tile as you want to make a wall vivid. Your eyes would not lie to you about this.

Below is the draft details of each panel

In this case, you need to cut each piece off each panel of, say, 2.44m long x 1.22m wide and guarantee grooves of each side with minimum tolerance. This definitely makes manual cutting a disarster with vast time-consuming. Digital cutting dramatically delivers cut and grooves with high productivity and constant quality. Equipping with both oscillating tool and V-cut tool on one cutting head, through cut and grooving tasks can be fulfilled in one shot with no operator interruption.

Time is money and quality counts.

Moreover, it is possible to maintain low-level wastage all the time given appropriate finishing files design.

Case No. 2

Steelcase is a listed company in US running office furniture business and in one of its manufacturing bases in Dongguan, China, a JWEI CB03II-2516-RM flatbed digital cutting table makes them happy.

This manufacturing base typically requests perfect grooves on PET felt panel edges with different depths to meet various final furniture parts. Equipped with customized V-cut tools, CB03II-2516-RM embraced this strict requirements.

Thanks to multifunction of JWEI digital cutting table, JWEI CB03II digital cutting table is also used for cutting flexible textile and leather for chair covers in this manufacturing base.

JWEI makes customer happy with better using experience!


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