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How to improve the efficiency by JWEI LST03II-0912-RM CNC digital cutter

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In the face of the short orders and proofing orders,do you know how to finishing the orders in quickly,how to improve the efficiency,now i will tell you a secret, all you needs will be met with JWEI LST03II-0912-RM CNC digital cutter.

LST03II-0912-RM CNC digital cutter, a fully automated CNC digital cutter which could generate A3/B3/B2/B1/A0 Size. It is equipped with various pressing, cutting, and creasing tools, along with an industrial camera for full automation and quality assurance.Except auto feeding cutting and collecting,the machine utilizes an automated QR registration system with a 0.1s response time, allowing it to operate quickly and accurately during multi-task cutting.



JWEI LST03II-0912-RM CNC digital cutter is realized multiple pieces of material feeding at the same time,which allow you reduce the feeding time to improve the efficiency.




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