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How to cut EPE foam sheet to make packaging materials by automatic foam cutting machine?

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The cutting sample of  EPE foam cutting machine


As we all know, EPE foam sheet is a new and environmentally-friendly packaging material with water isolation, shock-proof, sound insulation, heat insulation, good plasticity performance, strong toughness, strong collision resistance and many other advantages. EPE foam sheet is widely used in electrical appliances, medical equipment, glass, ceramics, home appliances, wine and high-grade fragile gift packaging, shoes packaging, daily necessities and other packaging of a variety of products......How to cut EPE foam sheet to make packaging materials ? there is a special way for cutting EPE foam sheet by JWEI's automatic foam cutting machine.

JWEI's CB03II-1113 automatic  EPE foam cutting machine


JWEI can provide a great solution for EPE foam sheet cutting and has cooperated with countless packaging companies that undertake the EPE foam cutting business around the world. JWEI CB03II-1113 automatic EPE foam cutting machine with the high-frequency oscillating knife and other tools can realize 50mm thickness cutting of EPE foam sheet of various shapes, and ensure high accuracy. JWEI intelligent cutter is easy to use that a new employee who can operate the computer can do the cutting,which will make you satisfy much.



In addition to this, JWEI CB03II-1113 automatic EPE foam cutting machine also cut materials including corrugated board,eva foam,pvc sheet,pe film,honeycomb board ,pp plate,kt board,acrylic,cardboard,pp film,label sticker and so on. If you want to more information about epe foam cutting machine, please you contact us: wechat/whatsapp +86 18368275009





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