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How to cut corrugated plastic sheet with JWEI’s digital cutting tables ?

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Corrugated plastic sheets also known as Corrugated Plastic Cardboard, Coroplast sheets , Waterproof Cardboard , Corrugated Stratocore sheets,which are 2 outside flat plastic sheets separated by small plastic beams running perpendicular to them.Do you how to cut corrugated plastic with JWEI's digital cutting tables? Let's talk about it.



As we all know,Corrugated plastic sheets is applied for construction , signs, advertising, graphics display, screen printing, Packaging& shipping, Arts& crafts, so you need to cut with JWEI's digital cutting tables to make all kinds of production including corrugated plastic box,turnover box,fruit case,base plate,Advertising display board,light box,Wall sheeting and so on. JWEI's digital cutting tables equipped with high frequency oscillating tool ,V-cut slotting tool,the size of all kinds of wheels,ploting,etc. For example,the frequency of oscillating of oscillating knife tool is up to 18000 RPM,so that it is easy to deal with a variety of harder and thicker materials including PP plate sheet,KT board,pvc sheet,corrugated board,honeycomb board,ABC board,etc,and obtaining the fast and smooth cutting effect.



Features of JWEI's digital cutting tables

➢ High-speed motion system
JWEI independently designed the high-end six-axis motion control system that ensures accurate movement of machine head,and makes curve movement smoother.

➢ Upgraded the independent control platform
the interface is user-friendly that is faster and easier to set various cutting parameters,besides, there is more space for storage and provides PC installation space.(PC excluded)

➢ Firstly used aerospace honeycomb aluminum plate
JWEI is the first one to use the aerospace honeycomb aluminum plate in the industry which makes the machine stronger and more stable,and the indentation effect is better because of the porous PVC work table.

➢ Powerful vacuum suction module
material is firmly fixed on the table via the powerful vacuum suction pump module,processing personalized product easily through the movement control system.

➢ The Ethernet transport port
data transmission is flexible and stable, remote upgrade and maintenance are available, realizing the control of machines and access to files in the LAN .

➢ Safety protection
the sensitive infrared grating design in the safety and anti-collision device ensures the safety of the operators and the normal operation of the machine.

➢ Accurate positioning module
The positioning system of carton box cutting machine makes printing products to cut quickly and accurately through the CCD camera and Infrared ray positioning.







If you want to know more information about how to cut corrugated plastic with JWEI's digital cutting tables,please you contact us.

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