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Difference between ordinary white kraft paper and food grade white kraft paper

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Craft paper has been widely used in food packaging,because the fluorescence content of kraft paper is usually servel higher than the standard,therefore,the food grade white kraft paper can be used in food packaging,so what's the difference ?



1、White degree

Food-grade kraft paper is added a small amount of bleach , so it has a low whiteness and looks a bit yellow.Ordinary kraft paper is added a lagre amount of bleach ,so it has a high whiteness.

2、Ash content control

Food-grade kraft paper has strict contronl standards,and according to the food grade requirements assigned indicators.therefore, the ash content of food grade white kraft paper is controlled in unusual low level, and the ash content of ordinary white kraft paper is higher, so as to reduce cost.

3、Testing report

According to the requirements of food grade packaging materials in china,food grade kraft paper must pass QS inspection,and ordinary krafe paper is not required.

4、The prices

The price of Food-grade kraft paper and ordinary krafe paper is nearly, it is an important reference value,Food grade white kraft paper is more expensive than ordinary grade kraft paper.



The above is the difference between ordinary white kraft paper and food grade white kraft paper. I hope it can help you. Special notice, JWEI's Flatbed digital cutter can be used in making food grade packaging box,Flatbed digital cutter is applied to box sample and short-run prodctions,which can cutting,creasing,slotting and other function,which is once molding.

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