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A cutting-edge flatbed Cutters for advertising and packaging industry

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Flatbed Cutters has the performance of high speed,high precision,high hardness,which is suitable for cutting materials in advertising and packaging industry,For example,KT board,acrylic,Foamed PVC sheet,Corrugated carton,adhesive,label sticker,grey cardboard,PVC expansion sheet,honey comb plate,PP gum,car sticker,EPE foam and other materials.



Fetures of flatbed Cutters

1、High speed

Top class high-performance controller,max acceleration up to 2G.The serial processing speed of the encoded input is 10-15 times that of the rugular ones.

2、High precision

The performance of cutting small circle is up to D1mm,3 arc minuteshigh precision planetary reducer,supports high precision digital cutting.

3、High hardness

Scutter high-end digital cutting solution is perfectly suitable for cutting high density foam materials,high precision singage board,embossment and slotting specialize in finishing complicated designs with qulith materials.

4、Scutter equipped wiht worls top EtherCAT control system,The refresh cycle of 1000 distributed I/O data is only 30us

5、Built-in world top class servo driver,up to 9 sets are available

6、YYC/THK zero gap,oblique gear transmission.Aero-level equipment processing system is first-time applied in the industry.Auto loading processing mode, is a powerful credible guarantee of high precision cutting.


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