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EPE foam sheet with fabric cutting by JWEI’s flatbed cut machines to make the wall of movable type show

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As we all know ,EPE foam sheet refers to foams made from polyethylene. it is made from expanded pellets (EPE bead) made with use of a blowing agent, followed by expansion into a mold in a steam chest - the process is similar to that used to make expanded polystyrene foam.It is used for making the lined of packaging to protect the product to prevent damage during the transpaortation,In the fact,it has other uses,for example,do you know the wall of movable type be made of EPE foam sheet with fabric ? let us watch the video as follow,you will have a different harvest.




flatbed cut machines is used for cutting all kinds of materials ,such as EPE foam sheet,EVA foam sheet,PE foam sheet,grey board sheet,Pvc sheet,cardboard,corrugated boad,honeycomb board,label sticker and so on,the cutting thickness is up to 50mm,it has multi-function tool head,you can easy to change different tool heads including engraving and router,Oscillating thorough cutting,Kiss cutting,Creasing,Plotting,Laser positioning and precision camera registration.the repeat precision is up to 0.05mm,so the cutting edge is smooth without rough.



The advantage of JWEI's flatbed cut machines


◆ Automatic Edge Finding Cut/Back Cut
Automatic scanning of material edge, positioning and cutting.

◆ Accurate Tool Alignment System
Through pressure sensor system, precise control of the depth of the tool.

◆ High-end 6 Axis High Speed Motion Control System
Using the replaceable tool mode and selecting appropriate tools, intelligent cutting of various materials can be realized quickly and accurately.

◆ Independent Vacuum Adsorption
6 independent vacuum adsorption areas, strong adsorption, precise cutting.

◆ JWEI MES System
Real-time monitoring of equipment operation, easy connection with third-party systems, cloud management.


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