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Do you know what single layer cutting machine are used in the garment industry?

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In the face of a wide range of single layer cutting machine on the market,many people do not know how to choose the single layer cutting machine.therefore, I will introduce the three main single layer cutting machine on the market.



1,Laser cutting machine
Laser cutting machine cut garment fabric by carbon dioxide laser tube,So it will produce burnt taste and smoke phenomenon in the processing and it will affect the overall beauty of the garment.the price of Laser cutting machine is cheap more than single layer cutting machine.

2,Straight knife cutting machine

Straight knife cutting machine is multi layer cutting machine , it can cut hundreds of layers of fabric at a time so that it is suitable to process the large garment, and it need to spread material and hand held cutting by the worker so that it is dangerous for the worker.

3,Single layer cutting machine

Single layer cutting machine with round knife tool or oscillating knife tool cut garment fabric,it is auto feeder,automatic contour recognition ,Image matting automatically, automatically cutting ,automatically collecting,The whole cutting process is highly automatic and completed at a time,it is suitable for cutting single layer and small multi-layer couture clothing,such as T-shirt, sweatshirt,suit ,skirt and so on.




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