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Costomer Case –Taiv, Professional Because of Ardently Love

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JWEI staff arrived in Hangzhou at the beginning of November to make an autumn appointment with Hangzhou Taiv advertising.Tracing back to the history of Taiv, we found that Taiv is an enterprise originated in Quanzhou, Fujian Province. Taiv joined the advertising industry as early as 2004 and after 17 years of exploration, Taiv has developed into a full link advertising company providing advertising design, production and landing for medium and high-end customers.



Ten years ago, Taiv met JWEI's digital die cutting machine at the exhibition,looking at the working scenes with less labor such as automatic feeding and automatic cutting of JWEI's digital die cutting machine, President Lan was deeply attracted and successively purchased twoJWEI's digital die cutting machine (CB03II-2516-RM; CB08II-3032-PM).The JWEI's digital die cutting machine is also satisfactory: compared with the manual operation, the digital die cutting machinee cutting special-shaped is more accurate;In today's situation of high labor cost, one digital die cutting machine can be worth four labor, which greatly improves the production efficiency.




With automation becoming the development trend of intelligent manufacturing, Mr.Lan believes that digital die cutting machine will become a popular production tool and necessity in the advertising industry, and “produce the maximum output with the least labor”,that is our goal all the time.



As the first batch of users to use the new JWEI intelligent software JWPD, Taiv has opened a super digital era.President Lan told us that the door of the new world has been opened from different perspectives. "We are very willing to try new things because it can always bring new changes," President Lan said,JWPD is very easy to be used, which can realize automatic matting, generation path and typesetting of special-shaped pictures, and help designers greatly reduce their workload.



If you  want to know more information about digital die cutting machine,please contact us.

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