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Daily maintenance of clothing template cutting machine

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The Clothing template cutting machine is a frequently used equipment in the Clothing industry, and daily maintenance is required in the actual use process to extend its service life. JWEI has been engaged in the production and sales of the Clothing template cutting machine for more than 10 years, and there are many new and old customers.

1. Every working day, relevant personnel must clean the dirt of the clothing template cutting machine and guide rail, so as to keep the bed clean. Pay attention to turn off the air source and power supply at the end of work, and empty the residual air in the pipe belt of the machine tool.

2. If you leave the machine for a long time, turn off the power and put on a warning to prevent non-professional operators.

3, pay attention to observe the machine horizontal, longitudinal rail and rack surface whether there is lubricating oil, if not, pay attention to add in time, make it maintain good lubrication.

4. Check and clean the clothing template cutting machine comprehensively every week, such as whether there is garbage in the total air inlet, whether all the trachea joints are loose, whether all the cutting torches are loose, etc.

If you want more detailed maintenance information, or if you want to purchase clothing template cutting machine, please contact online customer service.


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