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Customer Case丨Explore “Fushan paper”, one of the top 50 enterprises in China’s packaging industry

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——Fushan Paper,one of the top 50 enterprises in China's packaging industry.
When the word "Fushan paper" leaps into eyes, we have embarked on a journey of corrugated cutting machine exploration, this is a CiXi firm founded in 1987, covering a total area of more than 167000 square meters and a construction area of more than 105000 square meters; It is one of the top 50 enterprises in China's packaging industry, which focuses on the production of corrugated boards of different specifications, all kinds of corrugated boxes,color boxes and digital printing cartons.


——Local or international?

"Why did Fushan Paper choose the local brand of JWEI corrugated cutting machine"? Talk to manager Tao of carton business department, look at his sincere and gentle eyes after vicissitudes, and hope he can give us some answers. Manager Tao mentioned that there are two digital printing machines imported from the United States and Italy in Fushan Paper currently,it is no exaggeration to say that if they bought the JWEI corrugated cutting machine at first, they would not buy the imported corrugated cutting machine any more,because there is a high threshold for operating imported machines, which requires a good foundation in English. At present, only one employee in Fushan Paper is able to operate the imported equipment. by comparison, JWEI corrugated cutting machine is not only easy to be operated, but also stable in quality, JWEI corrugated cutting machine is a quiet good choice.

By constantly surpassing itself, JWEI is comparable to the international quality and has forged a Chinese national brand with the trend of leading the industry development.


——Simplify complexity and improve efficiency

"What we need is a fool operated corrugated cutting machine", manager Tao mentioned repeatedly that the operation of JWEI corrugated cutting machine  is very simple. After training of one or two hours , a new employee is able to operate the JWEI corrugated cutting machine. "It is more convenient for us to train new employees". After some communication with manager Tao, we are more clear that when purchasing a equipment,an enterprise pays great attention to the"Minimalism" and "efficiency" ,and efficiency improvement is an very important path to improve the market competitiveness of the enterprise.

Rooted in the needs of users, JWEI integrates the latest technological essence, turns the operation from complexity to simplicity, and brings satisfactory services to customers.


Tip:the picture shows the JWEI corrugated cutting machine CB08II-3032-PM ,a large format cutting solution purchased by Fushan paper, with a cutting format of 3000mm ×3200mm, which is applied to the short-run packaging production of Fushan Paper


——Move on in wind and rain, the future can be expected

Joined Fushan Paper in 1993,manager Tao witnessed the development of Fushan for more than decades. In his eyes, Fushan Paper is an constantly reborn enterprise after experienced wind and rain that breeds hope, faith and dream. Let’s hope Fushan Paper go farther and better.



JWEI which was also founded in 1993,still retains its original intention after decades: making the cutting simple by the power of intelligent cutting; Let the majority of enterprise users realize transformation and upgrading; Let the Chinese national brand of flexible material cutting rise in the world.

Tip:the picture shows the new modern intelligent factory built by JWEI


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