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How to choose the right Carton cutting machine

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There are many brands on the Carton cutting machine market. How to choose a good brand is a very important thing for many customers in the packaging industry. JWEI has been engaged in the research and development and sales of intelligent cutting equipment in the packaging industry for more than 10 years. Here are some selection methods, I hope to help you:

1. Test the cutting material, and then compare.
You can go to the manufacturer's field visit to investigate the production scale operation of the manufacturer, test and cut the manufacturer's machine, cut with your own material, and then check the cutting accuracy and speed.

Second, listen to word of mouth.
According to the usage situation of customers in the same industry, many customers have already used the machine. They have the right to speak, whether it is good or not. Their advice is very important.

Third, compare strength.
It is important to choose a strong brand. The great strength determines the quality of the machine. Because of the strength, the manufacturer can develop new equipment. Because of the strength, the after-sales guarantee is guaranteed.

4. Choose the right machine according to your material.

Carton cutting machines come in different types of sizes. Small ones are not suitable for your cutting requirements. They are too large to take up space and waste money, so be sure to choose patiently and choose a machine that fits your material size before buying.

5. Production share.
If the market share of a brand machine is high, it means that its machine is highly popular, but how to investigate the market share, you can first find out from your circle of friends.


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