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What are the business scopes of the digital printing industry?

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Digital printing is a traditional industry,but with the increase in customer demand,the business scopes of digital printing also increases.Some friends who are new to this industry may not know the specific business.JWEI has provided intelligent cutting machine for the digital printing industry for more than 10 years,and has an in-depth understanding of the industry.Next,I will introduce you in detail:

Digital fast printing industry is mainly composed of pre-press system and digital printing machine.Digital fast printing industry is mainly used in the gift market,decoration,personalized products,image consumption,cultural products,advertising signs,professional proofing and other fields.

Gift market:The domestic gift market has reached 9.8 billion,which has become popular trend in gifts.Print your own photos or favorite pictures,icons, and text on the gifts to get rid of the gift’s stereotyped faces,which can better reflect the value of the gift and originality of the gift giver.

Decoration:The domestic home decoration market has reached tens of billions,and personalized home decoration is quietly popular.Users can print their favorite photos or images on decorative paintings,tiles,furniture,and floors in accordance with their favorite home styles,decorate their homes with their favorite styles,and create a truly personal space of their own.

Personalized products:A considerable part of users in the popular mobile phone and digital product markets are young and fashionable groups.Printing your own signs on these products is the best manifestation of individuality.Some carry-on items,such as makeup mirrors,lighters,wallets,backpacks,etc.,are good ways for these users to reflect their personalities.

Images consumption:With the rapid development of digital imaging,People are no longer limited to their photos on photographic paper.Digital fast printing can print any images on crystal,glass,acrylic,metal,ceramic,canvas,etc.The effects of products printed on different materials give people different feelings.People can print their photos on different materials,which enriches the form and effect of the photos.

Cultural products:Digital fast printing can also conveniently print some popular movies,animations,HIP-HOP and other pictures or popular elements on some items according to popular trends.

Advertising signs:High quality,high price,medium and small batch advertising and sign production,such as full-color printing of various metal membership cards,attendance cards,badges,listings,and authorization cards.

Professional proofing:one-time molding,no plate making,part of material can be used repeatedly,low cost;computer direct typesetting,modification,production,simple operation,high efficiency,greatly reducing costs.

How about it?Does it expand your operational thinking?Moreover,with the rapid growth of the trend of personalized customization,the digital fast printing industry will also receive a lot of customized short orders.At this time,you need to equipped with an LST digital cutting machine from JWEI technology.Complicated shapes can be cut quickly and accurately,and automatic feeding and receiving are realized without manual labor,allowing you to easily solve various personalized orders and improve performance.If you want to know about the LST graphic cutting machine,please contact online customer service.


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