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A flatbed plotter cutter for large format processing in advertising industry

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A flatbed plotter cutter for large format processing in advertising industry,flatbed plotter cutter is called banner cutting machine,advertising engarving machine,All-purpose cutting machine for advertising materials,which is shape-special cutting for large format materials in advertising industry,for example,advertising cloth,banner cloth,printing cloth,pp gum and other materials.



Flatbed plotter cutter has a 3.2m super wide working width,to meet the advertising industry's cutting requirements of large format,with accurate knife alignment system,so full-automatic tool setting is realized by pressure sensing system to accurately control of cutting depth,and flatbed plotter cutter is equiped with precision helical rack and pinion transmission sytem,which can ensure the accurately cutting of advertising materials.For printing materials with patterns,flatbed plotter cutter is equiped with high precise CCD camera positioning system,which can quickly adjust cutting documents,which can automaticly positioning cutting.



The size of flatbed plotter cutter is 3970mmx3907mmx1310mm,the thickness of flatbed plotter cutter is up to 50mm,and the cutting speed is up to 1500mm/s.if you want to possess flatbed plotter cutter with high smart, high speed,high accuratly,high efficiently,you can choose large format flatbed plotter cutter.

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