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10 advantages of corrugated boxes

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Corrugated carton is the most commonly used carton for packaging boxes. Why this carton is so popular is because it has 10 advantages. The Corrugated Cardboard Cutting Machine has an in-depth understanding of corrugated carton The specific advantages are as follows:

1. Good buffer performance. Corrugated cardboard has a special structure, 60 ~ 70% of the volume in the cardboard structure is empty, so it has good shock absorption performance and can avoid collision and impact of the packaged items.

2. Light and firm. Corrugated cardboard is a hollow structure, which uses a minimum of materials to form a relatively rigid box, so it is light and strong. Compared with wooden boxes of the same volume, it is only 1/4 to 1/5 of the weight of the wooden box.

3. Small size. Corrugated box can be folded into a flat plate during storage and transportation, which is convenient for storage and transportation; when used, it is opened to form a box body, and it is much smaller than the wooden box and plywood box with the same volume.

4. Sufficient raw materials and low cost. There are many raw materials for producing corrugated cardboard, such as corner wood, bamboo, wheat straw, reed, etc., so its cost is relatively low, only about half of wooden boxes of the same volume.

5. Facilitate automated production. A complete set of automatic production line for corrugated boxes has been manufactured, which can produce corrugated boxes in large quantities and with high efficiency.

6. Low packaging operation cost. Packing items in corrugated boxes is easy to realize automatic packaging of items, which reduces the workload of packaging and reduces the cost of packaging.

7. Can pack a variety of items. The corrugated box itself has a wide range of packaging items, but if it is combined with various coverings and moisture-proof materials, it can greatly expand the scope of use. For example, the moisture-proof corrugated box can pack fruits and vegetables; Using plastic film bushing, a sealed package can be formed in the box to pack liquid, semi-fluid items, etc.

8. Less metal consumption. Corrugated cardboard box forming requires only a small amount of box nails, which is only 5% of that of wooden box manufacturing.

9. Good printing performance. Corrugated cardboard has good ink absorption capacity, easy to print, and easy to promote goods.

10. Recyclable and reused. Corrugated cardboard boxes can be reused multiple times, reducing packaging costs and having no pollution to the environment.

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