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What is the cnc prepreg ply cutter? What are the advantages of a cnc prepreg ply cutter?

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CNC prepreg ply cutter is designed for processing composite materials,such as carbon fiber prepreg fabric,glass wool ,rubber gasket,pu leather,composite sponge,3M traffic sign,soft pvc ,xpe,aramid honeycomb board,technical textile and other medium density non metal composite materials. it is equiped with multi functional tool and automatic collecting platform to finish production automatically.



JWEI's CNC prepreg ply cutter is devided into three parts,the first part is automated roll feeder, you can put two materials in the feeding area at the same time,and it has the function of automatic tension detection, automatic correction etc.therefore,the cutting materials is feeding to the cutting tables of JWEI's CNC prepreg ply cutter accuratly to ensure accurate cutting of materials.the seconed part is the automated cutting area, it is equipe with high speed the sport controller and all kinds of cutting tools to apply to cut different materials in composite industry.of couse,the machine with the function of marking to mark on the prepreg,glass wool,carbon fiber prepreg fabric,such as date of manufacture, name,bath,etc.so that you can look for the cutting sample as soon; the third part is the collecting platform,it is made of two suction modules, When the machine cutting small samples, one of them can be grabbed separately and placed in a designated position. For the large samples, the two suction modules can work together to grab the two sides of the material to place the cuting sample in the specified position.




The advantages of a cnc prepreg ply cutter

1, Medium production intensity
Fast & precison process for composite materials,optional automation is available according to customer's need;
2, Versatile cutting heads
Rotary knife,ultrasonic knife,oscillating knife,drag knife,plotting pen,labeling,defferent process are available,interchangeable design,easy to install;
3, Automatic Roll FeederMotorized roll feeder with web edge control & tension control, smoothfeeding process.
4, Automatic Collecting platform is used to collect finished products toposition/basket,minimize manualintervention.
5,JWEl self-developed JWCS cutting system software
JWCS is standard CAD/CAM software,it has functions includes CAD drawingoptimizing cutting path,nesting...etc.



The introduction of cnc prepreg ply cutter in above, if you want to know more information about machine ,please you contact us: wechat/whatsapp/phone :+86 183 6827 5009

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